BG3 Foil Photocards


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Measure 2 x 3.5" and feature raised foil accents on both sides of the card. Gold foil is used on Astarion, Wyll, and Karlach, silver foil is used on Shadowheart, Lae'zel, and Gale. Backsides will feature a color gradient with a foil border and character-related symbol:

- Shadowheart: Spear of Night
- Astarion: Dagger
- Lae'zel: Dragon Head
- Gale: Crest of Mystra
- Wyll: Rapier
- Karlach: Axe

Please note that there may be small deviations in the foil alignment from card to card. B grades that have more significant deviations are available at a discount. C grades include cards that have some white border or significantly misaligned foil.



  • Shadowheart [Silver Foil]

  • Astarion [Gold Foil]

  • Wyll [Gold Foil]

  • Lae'zel [Silver Foil]

  • Karlach [Gold Foil]

  • Gale [Silver Foil]

  • Full Set (6 Photocards) ($25.00)

  • Wyll [B Grade] ($3.00)

  • Lae'zel [B Grade] ($3.00)

  • Karlach [B Grade] ($3.00)

  • Wyll [C Grade] ($1.00)